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Connected by Design

Creating connections between brands and user experiences.


Brand Strategy
As a graphic designer, I make connections between audiences and actions. Through research, ideation, and concept development, I have helped raise over $1M each year since 2017.
Content Creation
Being able to communicate with customers is two parts listening and one part speaking. Only after hearing their ideas and goals, are we able to create engaging, impactful designs.
Web Design
Hearing someone say "This is exactly what I wanted!" gives me joy. I approach all jobs with the mindset of transforming the customers' ideas into experiences that are imaginative, functional, and exactly what they want.
I have joined the team at Bring Your Own Laptop to help students learning graphic design. I am thankful for the opportunity to give back to this wonderful community of creatives.


John, I am lost for words! This is stunning and so professional. Your work is on another level, and I am blown away and inspired by it. Superb work!
Stephen Butler, Bring Your Own Laptop
You have created some great content for us, John. Thank you! You are very reliable and talented, and our entire team enjoys working with you.
Amy Pelicano, DCCH Center
This is wonderful, John! Everything I'm asking you to do, you've already done it. Looks great. I love it!
Victoria Barrowdale, Purple Pixel Creative
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